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. VICE-hbo-logo . . Being a
follower of documentaries as well as, a lot more especially, investigatory journalism, I just recently entered the HBO collection called VICE. My interest in the series started with the current 2015 period, and episode after episode, I have actually located myself interested with the topics dealt with as well as info presented.

Nonetheless, the influence of the show has actually gone a bit beyond merely making me familiar with problems and also prompting some essential idea. Recently, as well as this would be three episodes straight for me currently, I have actually seen the VICE stories come to life in the emerging news of the day. After enjoying Episode 31: Savior Seeds which chronicled the sinister company methods of Monsanto, the next day it was revealed that the FDA was compeling the eliminate of trans-fats by food manufacturers. This remained in addition to General Mills as well as five various other significant food companies announcing that they would be eliminating fabricated tastes and shades the foods they process.

This occurred once more after viewing Season 3, Episode 11 Campus Coverup. After enjoying that episode, the L.A. Times reported that UC Berkeley was being taken legal action against for not reacting properly to sexual assault grievances on its university.

Merely last night I checked out the Season 3, Episode 12 Global Jihad episode, a chronicle of the increasing jihad activity within ISIS. Upon evaluating the information this early morning, I saw the account of 64 Egyptian soldiers killed in Isis strikes on protection checkpoints.

Of program, I’m mentioning an impact of the VICE stories that they just do not possess. There is no causal relationship between my seeing a VICE episode and afterwards the world occasions happening around me. The VICE result is just an enjoyable psychological game. Nevertheless, there is a realized sensations called the Baader Meinhof result, which explains just how our discerning interest functions after being exposed to something. Basically, you see something or learn more about a subject, and afterwards start to see it almost everywhere– an entertaining remember game of its own.

Housing market ‘downshifts’ in August: Median price for Orange County home is $610,000

The Orange County real estate market cruised into a late-summer stagnation in August, although it stayed at the greatest degree seen since climbing up from the midsts of economic downturn 3 1/2 years earlier, a number of new housing records show.

The mean cost of an Orange County home– or price at the middle of all sales– was $610,000 in August, Irvine-based genuine estate information company CoreLogic reported Wednesday.

That’s the greatest price for an August in 8 years and also drops just 5 percent here the all-time high reached at the top of the housing bubble in June 2007.

But rates have pulled away 3 percent over the past two months from June’s mean of $629,500. As well as chances of reaching that pre-recession top of $645,000 this year continue to be slim as the end-of-the-year stagnation happens.

Sales, at the same time, amounted to 3,174 in August, up 3.4 percent year-over-year but down 14 percent from July.

Orange County’s real estate numbers resembled those for Southern The golden state as well as for the state all at once.

CoreLogic reported that the Southern The golden state typical house rate was up 4.3 percent to $438,000 in August, while sales were up 8 percent to 21,352 deals. Costs and sales rose year-over-year in all 6 counties consisted of in CoreLogic’s Southern The golden state record.

“Southern The golden state residence sales downshifted” in August, claimed CoreLogic Study Expert Andrew LePage.

“This month-to-month sales decrease could be a reflection of a tightening up supply of houses available or the effect rising costs have carried price,” LePage claimed. “Yet this is just one month, as well as it adheres to pair of months that had the greatest house sales given that August 2006.”

Statewide, costs for existing residences were up 2.5 percent, as well as sales were up 9.3 percent, according to a different report out Tuesday by the California Organization of Realtors.

National Association of Realtors figures showed that Orange Region house costs this past springtime were the third greatest amongst the nation’s big metropolis.

“We’re on track to publish more powerful than expected home sales for 2015, with the last quarter moderating yet still strong,” state Realtors Principal Financial expert Leslie Appleton-Young claimed Tuesday.

Appleton-Young kept in mind, nonetheless, that an anticipated intensify in mortgage prices combined with stock exchange volatility “might affect the current energy in the market.”

Whiting: La Palma, the county’s smallest city, hit with big cuts

This belongs to a continuous collection highlighting every Orange Region city.

When things obtain challenging, it’s often the little individuals that obtain injured the worst. And also after the recession, Orange County’s tiniest city remains in the middle of some very large belt-tightening.

Invite to La Palma, all 1.8 square miles of it.

Considering that the economic crisis, the city cut almost 20 percent of its labor force, to 52 employees from 64.

The changes consisted of minimizing the police to 27 from 32 over 6 years and also much more lately carrying out even more discharges, combining a number of civilian departments and also doing away with two directors. In July, the Common council created a citizens Financial Sustainability Committee to look after procedures and check out extra efficiencies.

That’s not all. The city is thinking about suspending its trademark occasion, La Palma Days, a celebration the city explains is likewise known as the “main Pros Day parade of Orange Region.”

La Palma Days is securely on the schedule for Nov. 14. But this year is bonus. The city celebrates its 60th anniversary of fusion and also its 50th anniversary of changing the town’s name from Dairyland to La Palma.

Yes, it would be a shame to suspend the event after such an auspicious year. However incomes are down; pension plan and also other costs are up. And also in establishing the money committee, the council cautioned: “The kinds of measures past those currently enacted as well as planned might influence the personality and practices of the city.”

But don’t mistake little for weak. Fiercely independent, La Palma has a lot of satisfaction and also greater than a few short shocks. Money Journal in 2011, 2013 and also 2015 called the city among the most effective places to live.


The face of Orange County is transforming promptly. Presume which O.C. city has the biggest percent of Eastern homeowners? I would certainly pick Yard Grove or Westminster, perhaps Irvine.

Of program, the answer is … La Palma. With an Oriental group of 48.1 percent, baseding on the united state demographics, La Palma nostrils out Westminster. While small at nearly 16,000 homeowners, La Palma additionally has the greatest percent of African Americans– 5.2 percent– of any sort of Orange County city.

Travelling La Palma is a treat. Within a few blocks, you can locate dining establishments concentrating on Vietnamese, Chinese as well as Oriental foods.

City Supervisor Ellen Volmert is at the wheel as institution discharges and also points out that nearly 20 percent of La Palma is Korean. She reports that city officials check out Korea and also remain in the early phases of developing more long-term connections.

We pass a location where new residences are recommended. Mind you, the development is absolutely nothing like just what we see in Irvine, Tustin, Lake Woodland or Yorba Linda, where thousands of residences are unfinished. In La Palma, on just what was a small strawberry farm, seven houses are expected.

Still, it’s an excellent indication. Register columnist Jonathan Lansner reported in July that La Palma was an especially hot real estate market, with residences offering within 33.4 days. He kept in mind low house rates most likely belonged to the reason; in July, La Palma had an average cost of $560,000.

Volmert turns into Dallas Drive. It looks like a regular cul de pouch. But visit this area throughout the vacation period as well as be gotten ready for traffic. Xmas decorations cover yards, vacation lights radiance.

The mayor light beams. It is that sort of neighborliness that makes living in the tiniest city unique.


To aid raise profits, La Palma has numerous projects in the operations. Each is moderate, the kind you ‘d anticipate from a city that was designed as a bedroom suburb and still prides itself for its “small-town character.”

One task involves permitting La Palma to set up numerous industrial signboards along the 91 highway. Sure we’re not talking huge money, yet we are talking 6 numbers. And also every bit swiftly builds up.

Another job is Centerpointe, the city’s combined commercial growth north of the 91. Centerpointe dates to the early 1980s as well as has been updated numerous times.

It offers resorts, dining establishments as well as office room including La Quinta Inn, Kaiser Permanente, A’Roma Ristorante, Samsung Chemical, CJ Foods.


As a result of a trait in history, there goes to least one unusual feature of La Palma– a city you could walk across in a half-hour. It’s served by five school areas: Anaheim Union, Centralia, Cypress, Fullerton and also Buena Park.

Understand, when those areas were made in the late 1800s, the area was cow country. With much more cows than youngsters, no person took note of the mishmash of college districts.

As I leave the city, I see John F. Kennedy High. The college opened less compared to a year after Kennedy was assassinated as well as turneded into one of the very first institutions called after our 35th head of state.

Fixed up on one wall surface is Kennedy’s popular inaugural statement: “Ask not what your nation could do for you– ask what you can do for your nation.”

In an age of Facebook as well as Twitter, the quote would most likely take the nation by tornado for 15 mins. And after that disappear. Yet it remains as crucial a telephone call as the day it was made much more than a half-century earlier.

It is a national telephone call lugged on the wide shoulders of one extremely tiny city.

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City of Anaheim to give public schools financial help

ANAHEIM– The Common council elected 3-2 very early Wednesday early morning to commit yearly financial backing to public institutions throughout Anaheim beginning next institution year.

While a particular quantity wasn’t specified for the seven institution districts serving Anaheim, any kind of allocation should go towards projects benefiting pupils and the general public such as for sporting activities fields as well as libraries. The Anaheim Union Senior high school District’s Board of Education requested the money.

“This is an invitation from the college area to state that we intend to interact,” Mayor Tom Tait stated as the council meeting slipped past twelve o’clock at night. “The meaning of a fantastic city includes terrific institutions.”

Councilwomen Kris Murray as well as Lucille Kring opposed the strategy.

“This could be among those feel-good points, yet we have no guarantee that it will do anything,” Murray claimed. “To do this now seems like a strictly political choice, as well as I do not believe our students should be utilized as political footballs.”

Although the technique of cities ensuring such funds is unusual, Irvine citizens authorized measures in 2010 as well as 2012 asking for alloting city funds for the Irvine Unified and Tustin Unified college areas. One of the most current initiative asks for setting aside $2.5 million in the present institution year for Irvine homeowners in those areas.

Anaheim is annually spending concerning $5.7 million on regional pupils via after-school programs, crossing guards as well as institution source law enforcement officer, said Replacement Mayor Greg Garcia.

An additional $19.9 million was spent over the last 5 years to construct a joint-use collection at Ponderosa Elementary, include crosswalks as well as traffic signals near schools and make water and also power effectiveness renovations at a number of universities.

Anaheim’s strategy comes as public school funding is obtaining recovered to pre-recession levels. Typically, about $9,500 is being invested yearly on each K-12 pupil in the state– $3,000 greater than merely 4 years ago.

Furthermore, citizens within the Anaheim Union area approved a $249 million bond in November to pay for framework enhancements at its 19 campuses that serve about 31,000 pupils from sections of Anaheim, Cypress, Buena Park, La Palma and also Stanton.

“Economic situations rise, and they decrease,” Kring claimed. “If you place a line product in the budget, after that the institution areas will certainly expect it yearly.”

Before the vote, concerning 2 lots people approached the council to give their ideas, several of them instructors, moms and dads as well as students. Mainly, they supported the city offering much more funds to the schools.

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Orange County Superior Court Clerk Gone Bad


. orange-county-superior-courthouse . . It is popular to any kind of homeowner in California that our court system is a corrupt governmental calamity. This is no much less the situation in Orange County where it’s not merely the judges, legal representatives or regulation enforcement authorities taking part in the noise. There is now a real situation of an Orange Region Superior Court clerk gone bad, and also by decayed we are chatting documents fraud on a large scale to the tune of not just a few cases, yet hundreds. While the level of this “rogue”clerk’s actions might wind up impacting a minimum of 1,000 DUI instances, we know for sure that it effected hundreds. The various record-fixing activities consisted of creating files, eliminating documents, creating fake plea bargains, or even misstating jail time. And also in common public employee fashion, this criminal actions was performed for a prolonged time period, given that 2006, under the nostrils of every person. That’s the actual rub in this case. Would certainly someone kindly clarify to me exactly how hundreds … not a couple of or loads, yet hundreds, of DUI cases merely failed the cracks like this without anybody observing

any type of doubtful activity? Exactly how several clerks function for the Orange Region Superior court? The number of managers are there managing those clerks? And also all of the courts, lawyers, paralegals as well as other people associated with these situations. An entire web of people had their hands in this mess but no one observed anything awry. The amount of inexperience as well as frank ignorance at every level is staggering to think about. That’s why it’s tough for me to think that”rogue”clerk was responsible. I indicate, I have an extremely reduced estimation of most public staff members benefiting our court system, yet they can’t all potentially be that silly. The method this scams was carried out, generally the systematic fashion where the record-fixing was performed, sobs institutionalized corruption by numerous events. So it will not shock me if a whole ring of clerks as well as legal authorities were involved. Sadly, it will certainly take a bit to figure these details out primarily since the only clerk that perpetrated the fraud not functions at the court house, and if they have any intelligence whatsoever, is on an island someplace in the Bahamas living off the cash they collected repairing cases.