Man convicted of first-degree murder in Stanton motel death

A registered sex wrongdoer was pronounced guilty of first-degree murder Tuesday for raping and brutalizing an unconscious female till she died in a Stanton motel space.

An Orange County Superior Court jury mulled over for less compared to a day before pronouncing guilty Charles Patrick Drew, 64, of the murder of his buddy, 29-year-old Brownish-yellow Oceja, in March 2012. The jury likewise located true the unique scenarios that the murder was dedicated in the commission of rape, sodomy, oral copulation as well as sex-related infiltration by international object.

Drew has two prior strike convictions for forcible rape as well as assault with a deadly tool in 1995. He deals with life behind bars without parole when he goes back to court for sentencing on Oct. 23.

Drew, in an old and wrinkly tan tee shirt and wavy white hair, rested silently as the decision was reviewed.

Outside the court, jurors stated the testimony and evidence in the case was horrific and also at times difficult to hear.

Senior Deputy Area Attorney Ebrahim Baytieh claimed jurors made the appropriate choice.

“He was expected to be her caretaker, as well as rather he breached her in the most horrible means,” Baytieh stated. “It was a very unfortunate instance.”

Drew as well as Oceja met as transients as well as had actually known each various other for about four years, attorneys said. Oceja had shed guardianship of her pair of kids due to her alcoholism and had actually watched Drew as a “papa number” which looked after her when she had nobody else.

In March 2012, the pair checked out a room at a Motel 6 in Stanton, where Drew provided Oceja liquor and methamphetamine that caused her to enter into diabetic shock.

While she was subconscious, Drew raped and also sodomized her and withed a shaver cutter to mutilate components of her body. At one factor, he left the area and also went to a 99 Cent Establishment to get ammonia, which he withed to “tidy” Oceja’s body, prosecutors said.

He ultimately yelped for help from a second-floor balcony then repetitively existed to investigators in interviews, Baytieh said. Oceja passed away from diabetic shock after the sexual offense.

Replacement Public Defender Lawrence Vol had said that Oceja died because she disregarded her diabetes.

Baytieh claimed Drew had several possibilities to call for help but rather decided to make use of his victim while she was unconscious.

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A lifetime after working for Walter Knott, nun to celebrate 95th birthday at Knott’s Berry Farm

Her mother operated in the cooking area making gravy and boysenberry pies. Her daddy plowed the berry spot.

It was 1939, and also America was merely appearing of the Great Anxiety.

Sis Florence Hund, that was 19 at the time, addressed the phones for Walter Knott. She remembers he was a nice man, slim, round glasses. She functioned weekends in the little workplace building alongside the berry base on Motorway 39, before Buena Park came to be a city, before Knott’s Berry Area ended up being Knott’s Berry Farm.

The phone called constantly with people booking for dinner. That’s all she remembers doing– taking dinner bookings.

“They were renowned for their chicken dinners,” Florence stated. “People originated from miles around for a chicken supper.”

Thursday is Hund’s 95th birthday, as well as she’s got one request.

She’s visiting Knott’s Berry Farm for lunch. She’s planning to buy poultry.

The Hund family left Kelly, Kansas, in 1924. They were tired of milking the cows and tending the family members farm.

Florence does not remember exactly why they involved the location understood as Buena Park. However they bought a little put on Western Opportunity. Her daddy worked in the Orange Packaging Property for a while, now on the Irvine Ranch.

“He placed toxin in gopher holes,” Florence claimed. “How’s that for making a living?”

The Knott family– Walter as well as Cordelia as well as their four kids– were neighbors. Mary Hund as well as Cordelia Knott ended up being friends. After Florence graduated from Marywood High College in Anaheim, she got a task collaborating with Mr. Knott.

His boysenberry profession was starting to remove, as well as his spouse began making poultry dinners for individuals which stopped along Motorway 39, which became Beach Boulevard.

“Things began to expand a little,” Florence stated.

The berry stand/restaurant attracted numerous people that Walter Knott, in about 1940, constructed a ghost town and hosted a “protected wagon show” for individuals to see as they awaited their food. The rest is enjoyment park record.

In 1941, Florence ended up being a nun, signing up with the Sis of St. Joseph in Orange. She worked as a cook and a home economics educator for numerous years. In 2016, she will certainly be celebrating her 75th year with the Sisters of St. Joseph.

She does not remember if she has ever before in fact been to the Knott’s Berry Farm theme park, or if she has ever before consumed one of the famous poultry dinners.

However she will have one for lunch Thursday.

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The Importance of Stormwater Management

A rain yard or a bioretention cell is a depressed location having a backfill that is absorptive under a vegetated surface. Generally, these areas have an underdrain to encourage infiltration along with filtering system, especially in dirts that are clayey. Bioretention cells ensure contaminant removal, groundwater recharge, as well as overflow apprehension. They are an efficient option in city areas or parking area, where eco-friendly space is limited.

Rain gutter watering system along with curb removal

Rainfall seamless gutters and visuals transport flow actually fast to a stormwater drainpipe without enabling contaminant removal or invasion making usage of an inlet filter. Removing gutter as well as additionally aesthetics might lessen water drainage volumes and increasing sheet circulation. Maintaining sheet flow by eliminating rain gutter watering systems as well as additionally aesthetics that path runoff right into bioretention basins along with swales that are decomposed assists to stop filth erosion by stormwater also aids keep hydraulic issues (pre-development). A degree spreader, which is a terminals developed to transform concentrated drainage right into sheet circulation as well as disperse it consistently throughout a slope, could furthermore be included in order to stop soil disintegration.

Grassed swales

They are superficial electrical outlets covered with yard that aid to reduce overflow while helping with invasion. The sustainability of grassed swales relies upon soil kind, land usage, imperviousness of the landmark that is including, as well as the inclines and the measurements watering system of grassed swale. Grassed swales could possibly be used to manage drainage from the water drainage locations that are much less compared to 4 hectares in size. It is encouraged that you use organic areas that are low-lying along with drain training courses that are natural should be taken advantage of.

Environmentally friendly car parking layout

These, when made use of with each other, lower the payment of the vehicle parking area to finish cover that is resistant. Veggie auto park style techniques include decreasing the measurements of car auto parking large amount rooms, establishing a maximum number for parking lot of spaces, making use of alternative pavers in jammed parking area, using bioretention locations to treat stormwater and rewards for organized car auto parking.

Infiltration trenches

They are rock-filled trenches with no networks. These trenches accumulate overflow when there is a tornado along with launch it right into the dirt using seepage. These trenches maybe made use of integrated with the different other tools suggested for infiltration of twister water using an inlet filter. This will provide top flow depletion along with the top quality guarantee of water. Overflow that includes high levels of hydrocarbons or sediments that might obstruct the electrical outlets may require to be pre-treated making use of various other methods such as water quality inlets.

Inlet protection tools

These are similarly called hydrodynamic separators as well as are flow-through structures with a splitting up or a removing up device to get rid of oil, garbage, oil, and also so on. You could utilize this advancement for the pre-treatment of the numerous other inlet defense devices. They are typically used in the possible stormwater locations, where there is a high focus of contaminants.

Absorptive sidewalk

They promote the recharge of groundwater. Some pathways are taken advantage of to establish gaps on the corners of the pavers. Concrete grid paver watering systems are constructed from cinder block, which are used to create spaces inside the blocks, by removing the finer bits inside them.

Five things you should know about Rancho Mission Viejo’s newest development

Esencia, southern Orange County’s newest area, will open its doorways to the basic public on Sunday.

Visitors will certainly have access to 42 different model homes, beginning with the upper $400,000 s to a bit more than $1.2 million. There will certainly be a shuttle bus trip of 12 neighborhoods in the village, in addition to beverages and home entertainment.

Esencia, Spanish for “essence,” is expected to feature a bit more than 2,800 properties and also houses along capitals east of San Juan Capistrano when finished. It is the second stage of the most recent job by Rancho Mission Viejo Co.– which developed the neighborhoods of Objective Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita and also Ladera Ranch out of its 312-square-mile holdings.

The very first phase, a 1,200-home advancement at Antonio Parkway and Ortega Highway called Sendero, gets on the brink of selling out, Rancho Goal Viejo officials claimed.

Whether you are a potential property buyer or a neighboring homeowner, below are 5 things you need to find out about Esencia:

1. It has an ocean view– type of.

What collections Esencia aside from Sendero is topography, Rancho Objective Viejo spokesman Dan Kelly claimed.

While Sendero sits in the valley– you can see the homes below as you drive southern on Antonio Parkway– Esencia is set down on several of the greatest hillsides of the Rancho Mission Viejo land.

Residences in Esencia neglect canyons as well as ridges extending towards the Pacific Ocean as well as are surrounded by backcountry panoramas. On clear days, you can obtain a tiny look of the sea, off Dana Point, sticking out between far-off hillsides.

2. Bringing young as well as old with each other.

Rancho Goal Viejo authorities say things have actually transformed over the past a number of decades and also their area property development has advanced to accommodate them.

One instance is Esencia’s 55-plus areas called Gavilan.

Unlike Sendero, Esencia’s 55-plus communities don’t have gates that seclude them from the remainder of the neighborhood. While residents in the Gavilan communities have exclusive accessibility to some facilities, Esencia is developed to urge interaction between various age, Kelly claimed.

Infant boomers don’t really want to distance themselves from the more youthful generations as well as rather take part in different tasks such as mountain cycling and taking pleasure in craft beer, Kelly said.

Esencia offers treking trails and pathway for electrical carts so homeowners don’t need to utilize their autos to get to Sendero and also facilities within Rancho Objective Viejo.

3. Showing the land heritage.

Much of Rancho Goal Viejo as well as South County used to be cattle meadow, and also Rancho Goal Viejo authorities state they wish to sustain the cattle ranch heritage also when the land is established.

Esencia’s community club and also short-lived site visitor facility is a barn-style structure called The Canyon House, motivated by The Carneros Lodge in Napa. Including a cafe and conference room, it’s expected to be a social hub for Esencia locals.

Beside The Canyon Property is Esencia Farm. It’s a neighborhood farm where individuals can register to partake in growing in-ground row plants as well as fruit trees.

4. Alternating highways are under construction to reduce website traffic.

The region Board of Supervisors in 2004 embraced the South Region Roadway Improvement Program to relieve traffic stemming from the Rancho Goal Viejo property development.

A key roadway under the improvement program is Cow Camp Road, which runs alongside Ortega Motorway and is the only roadway in and out of Esencia right now. It was developed to route brand-new residents off Ortega Highway.

Additionally, a brand-new roadway called Las Patrones Parkway will certainly run north-south on the east side of Esencia, attaching Cow Camp Road and the 241 toll roadway at Oso Parkway to take commuters to Rancho Santa Margarita, Foothill Cattle ranch, Orange and also Irvine. No day has actually been set for its opening.

5. A new school is slated to open up in 2018.

The Rancho Goal Viejo advancement will certainly add 228 secondary school students in 2018 and also up to regarding 900 when all towns are constructed out, according to an area quote.

The new Esencia K-8 institution, component of the Capistrano Unified School District, is slated to open up by autumn 2018. K-8 students in Esencia will certainly go to Las Flores elementary and also intermediate schools up until the Esencia school opens.

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RV company sees spike with Burning Man; station offering Flex Fuel

Share My Coach, a Stanton company that takes an AirBnb approach to RVs, had its biggest year yet at the Burning Man, with 118 RVs on the “playa.”

At least 75 of those were driven up to Nevada by Share My Coach drivers – using $90,000 worth of fuel – and were pre-packed the RVs with the customers’ belongings and groceries purchased online through Vons. They also delivered about 400 bicycles. Nearly 20 employees stayed to help customers with any issue. They wear shirts that say “Burn the man, not the RV.”

Five years ago, Share My Coach rented just one vehicle for its first Burning Man.

“It just goes to show how we are different than every other RV company,” owner Joe Hill , 58, said. “We’re more like a bed and breakfast.”

Share My Coach doesn’t own the vehicles it rents. Instead, it manages, houses and maintains RVs for owners looking to make extra money by renting out their vehicles when not in use. Share My Coach protects the vehicles, lining the floors and windows and doing a thorough cleaning after rental.

Hill likes to say if he wrote a book on RV ownership, it would be two paragraphs. There would be the honeymoon phase, where you’re excited about the purchase, but then a couple years pass and it sits unused. “The fourth year they’re driving up Beach Boulevard trying to find me,” he said.

“They have this big RV and have to make the payments,” he said. “Those 240 easy payments aren’t really 240 easy payments.”

Owners earn 7 percent to 15 percent of their RV’s value annually – so a $100,000 RV might get up to $15,000 a year – which usually covers their monthly payments and saves storage costs, Hill said.

Since the company started in 2008, it’s grown from roughly $2,000 in revenues in 2008 to $2 million in 2014. This year, it is expected to earn more than $3 million. A few months ago, Share My Coach started franchising and now has four additional locations throughout California and Arizona. Hill said he wants to add seven to 10 additional franchise locations annually.

“Each of the (franchise) locations are averaging between 30 to 40 vehicles each, that kind of exponential growth has been phenomenal,” he said. “Their year one is where I was at year three.”

Festivals and events such as Burning Man, Coachella, Nascar, Stage Coach and King of the Hammers (an off-road race) are big money-makers for Share My Coach and its owners – generating 50 percent of its annual income.

Flex Fuel comes to Yorba Linda

The 76 Station at 19851 Esperanza Road in Yorba Linda recently debuted Flex Fuel, according to co-owner Ron Reger.

Flex Fuel tends to be about 15 percent cheaper. It’s different than gas because it’s largely ethanol, 85 percent compared to about 10 percent in regular gasoline. It’s argued to be better for the environment, derived from agricultural and waste products.

“It’s renewable,” Pearson Fuels General Manager Mike Lewis said. “Whereas with oil, when you take it out of the ground and burn it, that’s it.”

San Diego-based Pearson Fuels imports and blends the fuel that is brought to the station.

Several domestic carmakers started releasing cars that use Flex Fuel in recent years.

But even drivers with the option might never use Flex Fuel because it’s not widely available – only in about 2 percent of retailers, according to the U.S. Energy Administration.

There’s about 10 million ethanol-flex fuel vehicles in the U.S., but only about 1 million use the fuel, also called E85, federal government data says.

The Yorba Linda station is one of the few gas stations in the county offering Flex Fuel.

It does reduce fuel economy a bit, anywhere from 10 percent to 30 percent, so consumers have to take that into account while computing their miles per gallon.

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