U-Haul ranks California last for migration momentum

The golden state drew a last-place ranking in 2014 in U-Haul’s yearly dimension of interstate relocation energy.

U-Haul places states by year-by-year adjustments in their internet circulation of its rental vans — — incoming journeys minus outbound. Fads in U-Haul’s do-it-yourself steps can be seen as a benchmark of the appeal of states for homes with fairly moderate revenues.

U-Haul, which doesn’t divulge the variety of actions it takes care of, claimed 49.6 percent of its The golden state interstate trips in 2015 were people driving to the state.

The golden state’s lean towards departures was the outcome of arrivals expanding by 4 percent vs. 2016 while exiting trips rose by 5 percent. That offered The golden state the worst score in its “development states” position. Texas, Florida, Arkansas, South Carolina as well as Tennessee were the top five.

That’s the second-straight year California scored improperly. The state rated next-to-last for “growth” in 2016. Arrivals fell by 1.2 percent as exits ran flat.

But in 2015, The golden state was U-Haul’s No. 5 “growth state.” A 3.2 percent dive in incoming journeys outmatched a unchnaged departures.

U-Haul’s ranking reveals its negative statewide patterns aren’t universal. Four The golden state cities made U-Haul’s Top 25 “development cities” list: Sacramento rated sixth finest in the country; No. 13 was Redding; No. 17 San Francisco; and No. 23 Murrieta.

Cypress home values hit record high by this math

Cypress real estate strikes an optimal.

So just how does it look contrasted to the remainder of the nation by Zillow’s mathematics? The on-line housing tracker’s national databases can aid add some perspective to the high cost of neighborhood living.

As of November, for example, Orange County genuine estate by Zillow’s mathematics — — the No. 5 across the country in housing market size — — has a mean residence worth of $696,200, 13th greatest in the 1,700-plus UNITED STATE regions tracked. That desires rising 44.7 percent in the last five years, the 212th rated gain nationally.

Below’s how Zillow sees house values in Cypress since November compared to some 13,000-plus various other UNITED STATE cities …

… Market size: No. 1,082 across the country, or in the top 9 percent.

Price: $654,800 — — a record high for Cypress and also No. 491 country wide, or in the top 5 percent.

5-year gain: 41.8 percent — — that’s No. 2,404 or in the leading 19 percent.

10-year gain: 13.1 percent — — that’s No. 3,620 or in the top 32 percent.


… Southern California population grows at fastest rate since 2014

Southern California housing takes country’& rsquo; s biggest bite of regional incomes

Southern The golden state homes misestimated? Evaluators suggest indeed

What depress employees at Orange Area’& rsquo; s leading workplaces

Republicans show their true colors with tax giveaways to rich

Legislative Republican politicians are wagering that the brand-new tax legislation will certainly distract from their duplicated failings to carry out a policy agenda that interest middle-class Americans. It’& rsquo; s a bet they are going to lose.

Tax policy exposes a political party’& rsquo; s true shades– its priorities and who it promotes for give unique insight right into the event’& rsquo; s vision for the nation. Is it a celebration that believes the tax code should be structured in a way that advertises upwards flexibility? Or is it one that concentrates on shielding the wealthiest at the cost of those struggling to earn ends fulfill?

Each time where Republicans have gone out of their means to advertise ideas and plans that are antithetical to middle-class concerns, their tax strategy is providing the clearest sign yet of whose side they are on.

Home Republicans pushed a tax costs that would make medical occasions much more expensive, suppress state and local real estate tax deductions for homeowners, add even more money to the pockets of the abundant by phasing out the estate tax obligation and drive college student into hardship. As well as the Us senate strategy is also worse: gutting the Affordable Care Act, making own a home as well as trainee car loans a lot more pricey and also raising taxes for any person gaining much less than $75,000 a year.

Evidently, the GOP has a fondness for taking down crucial sources like healthcare and education and learning to pay for also more tax breaks for the 1 percent.

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Has #MeToo gone too far? Aziz Ansari story sparks debate

The publication of an account by a woman identified only as "Grace" detailing her 2017 encounter with comedian Aziz Ansari intimated that Ansari deserved inclusion in the ranks of abusive perpetrators, yet many readers -- women and men -- concluded the encounter amounted to an all-too-common instance of bad sex during a date gone awry. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP) The publication of an account by a lady determined only as” Grace “detailing her 2017 experience with comedian Aziz Ansari intimated that Ansari was entitled to inclusion in the rankings of violent wrongdoers, yet numerous visitors — women and also guys — concluded the experience amounted to an all-too-common circumstances of poor sex during a day gone awry. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Associated Press

The #MeToo movement has been embraced by myriads of ladies as a crucial step towards responding to extensive sex-related misuse and transgression. This week, extra so compared to at any kind of point in the movement’s brief history, there’s natural conversation regarding its possibility for triggering damage.

The driver was the magazine by Babe.net of an account by a female determined only as “Grace” detailing her 2017 experience with comedian Aziz Ansari. The write-up intimated that Ansari was entitled to inclusion in the rankings of abusive perpetrators, yet lots of readers —– females and also males —– ended the experience amounted to an all-too-common instance of negative sex throughout a day gone awry.

Ansari has stated he said sorry quickly after the female told him regarding her discomfort throughout an experience he believed to be consensual.

“Too many women have joined #MeToo too quickly and also unthinkingly,” stated Carole Lieberman, a Beverly Hills psychiatrist as well as author of the partnership books “Bad Boys” as well as “Bad Girls.”

“Though they could have wanted to remain in solidarity with various other ladies, the stories of dates failed or females rejected have actually interfered with females who have actually been raped or seriously sexually attacked,” she stated.

A traditional analyst, Carrie Lukas of the Independent Women’s Forum, said Ansari “believed that whatever that occurred with his accuser was consensual and invited.”

“His track record is now in tatters,” Lukas created in an email. “Is that actually fair?”

Online as well as in person, numerous women are discussing experiences equivalent to Grace’s account —– experiences with guys that at first seemed remarkable, yet turned pushy, otherwise criminally violent, when things ended up being sexual.

Sarah Hosseini, who creates regarding sex for Bustle, Romper, Scary Mom as well as Ravishly, stated the #MeToo activity may in fact gain from the Grace/Ansari conflict, which the activity is big sufficient to incorporate another layer in the conversation.

“There is some truly dirty and also complicated sex-related territory below that we have not truly discussed yet jointly as a society,” she wrote, adding that the woman’s account in Infant was “horrible and cringe-worthy.”

“Exactly what she experienced with Ansari is not ALRIGHT. However do we have language yet for intimate encounters that stammer on the edge of outright sexual assault/abuse?” she asked yourself. “I do not think we do. We’ve lived in a misogynistic world with misogynistic sex for as long. We assumed this “poor sex” was typical. Up until a person spoke up as well as claimed, this is NOT regular. This is not OKAY.”

Michael Cunningham, a psychology professor at the College of Louisville, said the Grace/Ansari experience mirrored misconceptions that might occur as a result of differences in between traditional dating connections and also hook-ups.

“It appears that Poise wanted Ansari to treat her as a prospective partner to be dated over several dates, rather compared to a pick-up from a party participating in a mutually appropriate deal,” Cunningham created in an email. “When he did not increase to her assumptions, she transformed her understandable disappointment right into a false #MeToo.”

Liz Wolfe, managing editor of Young Voices, a D.C.-based company that disperses op-eds by millennials, stated the Ansari tale accesses the core of just what males and females are instructed concerning dating, sex and love. Male needs to seek, females must play difficult to obtain.

“Many women have asked yourself in a situation, ‘‘ Have I stated “no” emphatically enough?'” Wolfe stated. “They can not fairly determine whether they wish to go forward or leave. … … And from the male point of view, he can not quite identify what the female desires.”

Wolfe has observed a generational divide in their responses. Older ladies have the tendency to believe Poise ought to have been extra singing as well as assertive, or just left Ansari’s apartment or condo. More youthful women really feel that Ansari must have checked out Poise’s body language and also listened to her more very closely, as well as he was at fault for pressuring her.

Among males, likewise, there are differing sights.

Tahir Duckett of ReThink, a not-for-profit seeking to discourage young boys and also young guys from dedicating sexual attack, claims the #MeToo activity “is specifically where it has to be” as it continuouslies embolden sufferers.

“This minute definitely requires a changed technique to this day and also courtship,” he stated. “It suggests paying simply as much focus on body language as we do to words, and quiting to examine in if any time you’re anything less than One Hundred Percent certain the other participant is as passionate as you concerning what’s taking place.”

Nevertheless, Glenn Sacks, an analyst who writes frequently about males’s concerns, stated the Ansari instance upholds his idea that #MeToo “is lumping the insignificant blunders or misbehaviours of the several in with the truly horrible actions of a handful.”

Warren Farrell, a very early participant of the National Company for Female that extra recently has authored such publications as “Why Men Are the Way they Are” as well as “The Boy Situation,” suggested that ladies must bear more of the responsibility for initiating sex-related passion. As well as he recommended training in institutions for each gender to view partnership issues from the various other’s viewpoint.

“When #MeToo concentrates just on females whining and also not both sexes hearing each various other, it enhances the sensation of women as fragile snowflakes instead compared to encouraged to talk, and encouraged to pay attention,” Farrell claimed. “Young boys and guys, like women and females, likewise matured puzzled regarding what was expected of them sexually in a culture that did not make mentioning sex very easy for either sex.”

Alexandra Allred, an author and also self-defense teacher in Dallas, groaned when she checked out Grace’s account of her evening with Ansari.

“It truly does seem like it was a shared thing, however she thought of it later on as well as she didn’t enjoy herself,” Allred said. “Yet this is the tale of countless girls anywhere, where you simply made a blunder. This does not belong to the #MeToo motion. She must have just kept this to herself.”

As a supporter of the movement, Allred frets that this type of tale may create a reaction and timely uncertainty when other women report abuses.

“This isn’t show and tell,” she claimed. “This is an activity to educate individuals as well as hopefully stop the physical violence.”

New ‘Cabaret’ staging in La Mirada finds a theatrical vocabulary grounded in history

In the 52 years considering that its Broadway debut, “& ldquo; Cabaret & rdquo; has actually regularly been presented in Southern The golden state –– so frequently, in fact, that it’& rsquo; s most likely pointless to aim to hypothesize about the number “of & ldquo; Cabarets & rdquo; produced in your area annually, or total considering that 1966.

Suffice it to claim that the prospect of installing a new staging is discouraging. How do you create a “& ldquo; Cabaret & rdquo; that has something various to supply as well as might have a shot at drawing in more compared to simply existing followers of the musical?

  • The ensemble and actor Jeff Skowron (center) rehearse La Mirada Theatre and McCoy Rigby Entertainment’s upcoming production of “Cabaret,” opening Saturday, Jan. 20. (Photo by Jason Niedle)

    The ensemble and star Jeff Skowron (facility) rehearse La Mirada Theater as well as McCoy Rigby Amusement’s upcoming production of “Cabaret, ” opening up Saturday, Jan. 20. (Picture by Jason Niedle)

  • Director Larry Carpenter, left, and actor Jeff Skowron review the music for a number starring Skowron, who will play the iconic role of The Emcee. (Photo by Jason Niedle)

    Director Larry Woodworker, left, and star Jeff Skowron assess the songs for a number starring Skowron, who will play the famous function of The Emcee. (Picture by Jason Niedle)

  • Jeff Skowron, center, is a well known Southern California musical theater performer – yet this is his first time in the cast of a production of “Cabaret.” (Photo by Jason Niedle)

    Jeff Skowron, center, is a well recognized Southern California music theater entertainer– yet this is his very first time in the cast of a production of “Cabaret. ” (Photo by Jason Niedle)

  • Skowron, right, said the role of The Emcee in “Cabaret” was one of two roles he’d always wanted to play – and that director Larry Carpenter and his creative team have devised “a really cool look for the character …something that didn’t look like other Emcees.” (Photo by Jason Niedle)

    Skowron, right, said the function of The Host in “Cabaret ” was among two functions he ‘d constantly desired to play– and also that director Larry Carpenter and his imaginative group have actually devised “a truly great search for the personality … something that really did not resemble other Emcees. ” (Picture by Jason Niedle)



Director Larry Woodworker as well as his imaginative group have actually most likely caught at the very least one great service, and also it needs to do both with grounding the hit John Kander as well as Fred Ebb play in the facts of the period while at the same time exploiting the darker facets of the period that are reflected in the program.

Choreographer Dana Solimando, musical supervisor David O, scenic designer John Iacovelli, costume developer David Kay Mikelson and also Woodworker have actually teamed to produce an all-new manufacturing for La Mirada Theatre for the Executing Arts as well as McCoy Rigby Enjoyment.

All 4, as well as Carpenter, are well recognized throughout the Los Angeles and Orange Area cinema neighborhoods; each has produced numerous previous shows at McCoy Rigby’& rsquo; s La Mirada

venue. Carpenter assures that the show, which sneak peeks on Friday, Jan. 19 and also opens on Saturday, Jan. 20, will certainly have lots of German Expressionism in terms of its visuals, all which incorporate thematically with the widely known tracks by Kander (music) as well as Ebb (lyrics) as well as Joe Masteroff’& rsquo; s book. & ldquo; Cabaret & rdquo; was a musicalization of John Van Druten’& rsquo; s 1951 Broadway play “& ldquo; I Am a Video camera, & rdquo; then based on Christopher Isherwood’& rsquo; s semi-autobiographical 1939 novel “& ldquo; Farewell to Berlin,” & rdquo; concerning the time Isherwood invested in the pre-Nazi Germany of the 1930s and the people he satisfied –– consisting of the “& ldquo; divinely decadent” & rdquo; English chanteuse Sally Bowles as well as caring landlady Fräulein Schroeder (Schneider in the musical).

La Mirada is making use of the existing rental package of the program, an amalgam of the 1998 and 2014 Broadway resurgences, both which starred Alan Cumming as The Host (as in Master of Ceremonies).

The team, Carpenter stated, has actually done “& ldquo; a great deal of historical study in terms of just what was happening in the period: the art and visuals arts of the period and just what was occurring theatrically.” & rdquo; Though the action occurs in 1931, their staging inclusives the slightly more comprehensive range of 1929 through 1932 – “– & ldquo; prior to Hitler pertained to power,” & rdquo; Woodworker notes, adding that the production “& ldquo; is relatively exact in terms of history.”

& rdquo; Actor Jeff Skowron, who plays The Emcee, stated the show’& rsquo; s feel and look highly reflect the scene of Germany during the Weimar Republic.

“& ldquo; If you browse the web,” & rdquo; Skowron claimed, & ldquo; you can discover whole lot of old pictures of efficiency musicians, cabaret performers, professional dancers of the moment. The way they were clothing was most definitely gender-bending as well as edgier than I thought, absolutely avant-garde –– a great deal of latex, or whatever their variation of it was, a great deal of guys in corsets as well as heels, S & & M. & rdquo

; Yet that appearance, Skowron said, “& ldquo; is additionally kind of” from & rdquo; the original production & rsquo; s very own duration, the & rsquo; 60s, showing some of that age’& rsquo; s a lot more shock-inducing fashion styles.

“& ldquo; Cabaret & rsquo; s & rdquo; structure ping-pongs the story back and also forth in between the Package Kat Klub –– a seedy, decadent Berlin bar whose denizens include a leering Emcee, the extremely popular vocalist Bowles as well as a team of cross-dressing, gender-bending “& ldquo; cabaret girls and also young boys” – & rdquo;– and also the everyday incidents within Germany as the shadow of Nazism progressively begins to warp culture.

Woodworker keeps in mind that the plain differences in between these 2 scenes are exactly what offer the play its single identity (as well as its sustained, profound appeal) yet which likewise develop “& ldquo; a sort of mystery & rdquo; that presents an obstacle to any person that decides to carry out “& ldquo;

Cabaret. & rdquo; On one hand, you have the so-called typical musical numbers Woodworker claimed “& ldquo; are integrated into guide scenes” & rdquo; showing 6 characters: Sally as well as High Cliff, Fräulein Schneider and also Herr Schultz, as well as Ernst Ludwig and also Fräulein Kost –– characters he claimed “& ldquo; you have to appreciate.”

& rdquo; On the other hand, you have “& ldquo; the club scenes, which rest outside that and comment on just what’& rsquo; s taking place & rdquo; in that story. The Second World War and also Hitler’& rsquo; s concentration camps of a couple of years off are signposts both within the club as well as outside it, “& ldquo; to ensure that & rsquo;

s likewise a big style. & rdquo; Woodworker claimed “that once the group & ldquo; decided on an excellent entry point, we did all kind of research right into exactly what we wanted the show to appear like as well as how that would certainly sustain the narration.” & rdquo; He kept in mind that estimates are purposely not being utilized precisely since “& ldquo; they would certainly not have existed then” & rdquo; in history, & ldquo; and we wanted to stay inside the beautiful vocabulary of the period.”

& rdquo; Any type of team hosting & ldquo; Cabaret,” & rdquo; Woodworker claimed “, must & ldquo; discover a theatrical language to accommodate the paradox” & rdquo; of the program: & ldquo; Are we in the genuine globe, the world outside the club? Or are we in the club? I believe we & rsquo; ve located a motor that offers & rdquo; that dual-edged conceit.

Skowron stated La Mirada’& rsquo; s whole production “& ldquo; occurs within the club, so Larry is making me not simply an actual Host,” & rdquo; yet a person who will effect a blurring of the lines between the play’& rsquo; s two worlds, relocating the audience “& ldquo; type of in and also out”

of fact. & rdquo; Skowron is a valued acting asset in neighborhood musical comedy, yet he’& rsquo;d never ever been in a manufacturing of “& ldquo; Cabaret, & rdquo; as well as The Emcee was one of the 2 duties he had actually constantly desired.

Asked how his Emcee will differ from previous, widely known, legendary iterations of the character like those of Cumming or the film’s Joel Grey, Skowron claimed the “& ldquo; main point & rdquo; he wanted & ldquo; was something that didn’& rsquo; t appear like other Emcees.”

“& rdquo; & ldquo; I worked with the developers and also the group to develop an actually amazing try to find the character that fits with their concept of the program.”

& rdquo; Both Skowron as well as Carpenter hold excitement around as well as self-confidence in, and have high wish for, La Mirada’& rsquo; s production.

“& ldquo; We & rsquo; re taking this product,” & rdquo; Carpenter “stated, & ldquo; as well as making it as absolutely staged and also character-ful a dance as feasible.”

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” > Jukebox musical ‘ Jacket Boys’ picks up the pace for today’s audiences Skowron said the Package Kat Club & ldquo; is so attractive as well as original as well as interesting and also unusual, with so beautifully unusual a mass of people. I desire ours to earn people seem like they would certainly like to really go to the club and also making them seem like they have actually been in the target market of the club.”

“& rdquo; & ldquo; It & rsquo; s a weird world, & rdquo; “Woodworker said of the milieu of & ldquo; Cabaret, & rdquo; & ldquo; as well as we & rsquo; re attempting to access the journey of just what that world is.”& rdquo; & lsquo;

Cabaret & rsquo; When: Jan. 20 through Feb. 11. 7:30 p.m. Wednesdays-Thursdays, 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, 2 p.m. Sundays, 2 p.m. Jan. 27, Feb. 4 and also Feb. 11.

Where: La Mirada Theater for the Doing Arts, 14900 La Mirada Blvd., La Mirada

Tickets: $20-$ 70

Details: 714-994-6310, 562-944-9801; lamiradatheatre.com