Laguna Woods author creates ‘Reality’ with humor, satire

Sometimes the tale of exactly how a publication was written is simply as remarkable as guide itself.

Such is the case for Laguna Woods resident Igor Radovic’s newest “dictionary” publication, “Truth Revisited (fully),” in which he gives his very own definitions of concepts from a large array of topics.

Radovic defines a few of his interpretations as “attempts at humor as well as satire, while the remainder are monitorings and point of views with which the viewers may agree or disagree, relying on his or her training, life experience, as well as personality.”

Radovic, a spry 92-year-old, has been writing “Fact Revisited” throughout 75 years, recording “bits and pieces” of life on what he figures is in between 15,000 and 20,000 little bits and papers. As he describes it, “inspiration is an unforeseeable and unpredictable woman, yet, in my situation, she appears to be usually existing when I take my morning stroll with a pencil and also an old envelope to take down what she needs to state if she makes a decision to pay me a go to.”

Among his 20 definitions of an author is “what to be needs time, at the expenditure of various other passions, tasks, and also searches, but not the exemption as well as loss of recognition of them.” A humorous meaning of excellent writing is “what is often poor creating saved by rewriting.”

For decades, Radovic frequently reworded all of his notes in a journal. Now he is able to transfer them directly to the computer many thanks to electronic technology. By comparison to his 75-year trip with “Fact Revisited,” his 1973 publication, “The Radovic Policy — — Just How to Handle the Manager,” which was converted and released in a number of languages, was composed in one week.

“Reality Revisited” is a changed version of his preliminary dictionary publication, “Dyspeptic Interpretations,” released in 2013 as well as which he calls a “test balloon.” San Francisco Chronicle publication reviewer Vanessa Finney wrote that “‘Dyspeptic Definitions’ will certainly find its target market amongst the philosophically inclined and word-lovers.” Equally as no one reads the Oxford Dictionary from cover to cover, she recommends checking out “a couple of entrances out loud to a pal to share a recognizing poke fun at humanity.”

Igor Radovic’s 2013 book,”Dyspeptic Interpretations, “is his initial” dictionary” publication.(Thanks To Igor Radovic)

Of his newest edition, which he anticipates to publish early this year, Radovic states, “It’s virtually three times much longer, it’s written a lot more thoroughly, and the title much better communicates what it’s about– that many things, when given a second appearance, expose something that is various from, as well as added to what went to very first presumed.”

Usually, many of words from A to Z specified in “Fact Revisited” typical one to five entrances; nevertheless, Radovic is passionate regarding some words, as well as they read practically like tiny essays: “Success” has 105 entrances, “fact” has 96, and “change” has 78 access.

“I mean that (variety of entrances) implies something, but I am uncertain what it is,” Radovic says.

After this book is published, he intends to complete a publication tentatively entitled “Notes From a Lengthy Journey Home.”

Although he’s proficient in English, it’s not Radovic’s initial language, that makes his book even extra outstanding. He was birthed in Yugoslavia, as well as his native language is Serbian. When he was 4, his French-speaking moms and dads relocated to Paris for him to come to be fluent in French, after that went back to Yugoslavia a couple of years later on for the equilibrium of his very early education, including the research of law as well as civil design. Throughout this moment, he invested Globe War II under Nazi profession, complied with by several years under the Titoist communist regimen.

In 1951, after escaping years of dog’s life behind the Iron Drape, Radovic invested his very first days of flexibility in a middle ages Italian jail cell without home window as well as an unclean straw bed mattress on a rock flooring. Explaining his life as “one of contradictions,” it took a favorable turn in the early 1960s, when he worked in Western Europe and South Africa before concerning the United States, where he finished his doctoral research studies in Industrial Engineering and also Management at Columbia University in New York City.

In 1965, he turned down a Stanford training offer for signing up with the United Nations, where he offered in numerous capacities connected to economic growth and also teamwork. Calling his decision “an excellent choice,” he also taught a graduate training course at Columbia on issues of industrialization in underdeveloped nations. He retired in 1988 from the U.N. as director of the Department for Unique Political Concerns, Regional Co-operation, Decolonization as well as Trusteeship.

Growing up and functioning in culturally diverse countries educated Radovic that “different is not necessarily wrong and also that it can be suitable and usually corresponding also.”

Throughout his tenure with the U.N. he located that “regardless of many distinctions, people can work with each other extremely efficiently.” This perspective served him well, as his work and individual journeys took him to about 80 nations.

Radovic initially considered becoming a carver because “fulfillment,” he states, “is found in both psychological and also physical elements of developing.” Nonetheless, circumstances forced him to quit on that particular concept.

He additionally entertained ideas of adhering to in the steps of his father, that stood out in sports and also joined the Olympics. Igor Radovic’s very early spell with polio sidelined his very own sports-related passions, which he feels possibly added to his early rate of interest in writing.

Hearing his love for composing, it is apparent this enthusiastic writer is still going solid, without signs of decreasing.

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Aaron Donald is taking the narrow, crowded path to NFL dominance

The man prior to Aaron Donald was John Randle.

Beginning in 1992, Randle contended the very least 10 sacks for nine consecutive periods. His Minnesota colleagues liked to hear him barking in the middle of the scrum, screaming, reciting biographical gems concerning the opposing blockers that he ‘d gleaned from the media overviews.

“If you had actually shown up in My Fair Girl in secondary school, or if you got on the debate group, you would certainly hear regarding it,” stated Rich Gannon, the CBS expert as well as Randle’s Minnesota teammate. “He would tweet the whole game. Yet the main point regarding John was that his heart was too large for his upper body.”

Then there was Merlin Olsen.

“When I got to the Rams, Merlin and also Deacon Jones informed me the way I was going to play,” claimed Jack Youngblood, who ended up being a Hall of Famer. “They said, ‘We play on their side of the sphere.’

“Merlin was so strong with his shoulders and arms. So was Larry Brooks. They would certainly place a by far on each shoulder and also go face mask to deal with mask. After that they would certainly transform their shoulders and hips and slide into that fold. They would certainly shame guards. We would certainly see film the next day. We would certainly sit there and also go, ‘Whoa.”‘There was Joe Greene, also. But, as epic as he was, he was surrounded by Hall of Popularity busts-to-be in Pittsburgh.

“He was larger than a great deal of the offending linemen at that time,” Gannon said. “He would take them and also forklift them into the quarterbacks. Yet it’s always tough to contrast various periods.”

It’s true. That is why we are overrun with GOATs.

That is to claim that Tom Brady was the best Of All Time, anymore than Sammy Baugh or Otto Graham? The oldtimers didn’t have 4 wide-out sets, and also it took near-dismemberment to call roughing the passer at that time.

All you can truly be is the best Of Your Time.

If there is one factor of unanimity in today’s NFL, it is that Donald, composed 13th general since he was just 6-foot-1, towers over all defenders. What divides him is not what he’s doing yet where he’s doing it from.

A lot of the terrific sackers in NFL background have assaulted outside. That doesn’t cheapen Bruce Smith, Reggie White, JJ Watt, Kevin Greene and the others. Often times they were moved within to locate competitions. Yet Donald and also Randle did it almost specifically from the center, with larger traffic and also even more double-teams.

Donald has 57 1/2 sacks in his previous 62 games and led the NFL with 20 1/2 in 2018. This year he had 13 1/2. The NFL leader, T.J. Watt of Pittsburgh, had 15 from the edge.

“There are a half-dozen things you can do with a person outside,” Gannon claimed. “You can put a tight end over there to help the tackle. Slide the defense. Chip with the running back. But Donald comes from the within and simply breaks down the pocket and walks a 330-pound guard right into the quarterback. It’s not like you can stick a limited end behind the guard. It’s an actual trouble.

“Against an individual like that, the quarterback can’t enter the throws. He has to rely on the integrity of the A-B void. Donald interrupts all that. He makes the quarterback transform the launch factor. That’s why you’re seeing these mobile men, like Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen, at quarterback.”

Aaron Rodgers, who is Saturday’s target for Donald as well as the Rams in the NFC Divisional Playoff video game, likewise has winning feet. This week he is missing out on David Bakhtiari, his prized guard.

The Packers racked up a league-high 509 points and obtained factors on a league-high 49.7 percent of their properties with a league-low 11 turnovers. Currently they encounter Donald and also friends up front, and a second that fools quarterbacks weekly.

On the other hand, Youngblood sits in Florida as well as sees The Terrifying Foursome embodied in one Uneasy Onesome.

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“A great deal of gamers do not know where the round is,” Youngblood said. “Donald recognizes where it gets on every play. He obtains double-teamed every time however he somehow obtains via the crack and rises the area.

“If you’ve seen him in the locker space you can tell how dad-gum solid he is. It’s just a mix of toughness as well as speed and knowledge. That person can use my group anytime.”

When Houston Oilers trainer Bottom Phillips was asked if Earl Campbell remained in a class by himself, he claimed he had not been sure. “But whatever course he remains in, it do not take long to call the roll,” Phillips stated.

At 29, Donald’s finest disagreement for GOAT consideration is the means he varies beyond his task summary.

Uniqueness is a superpower, also.

Santa Anita horse racing consensus picks for Friday, Jan. 15

The consensus box of choices originates from handicappers Bob Mieszerski, Art Wilson, Terry Turrell as well as Eddie Wilson. Here are the choices for Friday Jan. 15 for equine auto racing at Santa Anita.

Trouble viewing on mobile phone? See consensus choices

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SoCalMoments: Wednesday Wisdom: Skin Tightening Tips

As we mature our skin loses thickness in its collagen, elastin, as well as vascularity. These modifications offer increase to the indicators of skin aging. Fine lines, wrinkles, big pore dimension, sagging, dullness, and also the feared crepe skin appearance.

The good news is, we have several tools to aid deal with these concerns and also get you back to your most glowing you. Enable me to briefly review some of the techniques as well as approaches you can use to improve your skin’s appearance; points that really function.

I inform my clients, please quit squandering your money on hope in a container. If there was a cream or crème that worked well, we would all be utilizing it. Try this workout. Place a towel on your restroom flooring. Take every one of your skincare items as well as lay them out on the towel grouped by classification: eye creams, sun blocks, evening lotion, serums, toners, etc., add up the cost of all the items, it will likely be much more than you would certainly think. Currently, select one out of each grouping that created a definitely remarkable and also visible renovation in laxity … My hunch is that there is not one that you could determine as having actually made an incredible aesthetic adjustment.

The reality is that products work incrementally and also synergistically producing positive changes over time. Your skin care routine must be rather simple as well as regular, something to this result:

  • A cleanser that is ideal for your skin type: acneic, completely dry, oily, fully grown.
  • Antioxidant lotion, such as SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic or Phloretin.
  • A moisturizer with peptides and also development element and retinol or retinoid for night time.
  • Sunscreen for day time.
  • Acquire high quality, a little goes a long method and over time the topical products potentiate each other’s efficiency.


Hyper-dilute Radiesse, Sculptra, PRP, and Hyaluronic Acid Fillers can be injected under the skin as well as job like magic. They supply some instant improvement and continue to boost your skin to produce more collagen, elastin, and also hyaluronic acid over the complying with 6 months. Advantages of suppler, dewy, smoother, and tauter skin can be seen approximately 5 years.


Much of the methods available today, in my point of view, do not yield a significant cause seclusion. However, they in mix with treatment can supply an extremely nice improvement. I have seen Microneedling with RadioFrequency and PRP do much more than just Microneedling or RF alone. One brand-new device on the scene I have been seeing some encouraging arise from is the Subnovii plasma pen. It vaporizes the epidermis at 400 levels Celsius as well as routes warm at 40-42 degrees Celsius to the deeper dermis stimulating fibroblasts, boosting collagen as well as elastin formation. This remains to boost over the 4 months following treatment.



Similar to many improvement of indicators of aging, surgery is the conclusive choice for regular control of the desired result. The various other techniques will certainly acquire you time prior to you land at this choice.

The downside is the trade-off of a mark. In some locations, such as with a renovation this can be concealed by blending with all-natural anatomical change points, like around the ears. Whereas with a Brachioplasty, there is no fantastic area to hide it, so you compromise loose skin for a mark.

If your funds are limited, the 2 essential things to invest in are daytime sun block and a nightly retinoid.

To stay up to date with all charm ideas as well as techniques from Heidi check out SoCalMoments.comand also subscribe for updates!

This Week’s Free gift is a free Subnovii treatment. To go into, you should be complying with @J_Dermeas well as @SoCalMoments, like this blog post on Instagram and remark: “Subnovii”. The victor will certainly be announced on next week’s social article.

Author Bio: Heidi Lindner has actually been a looks professional for over 17 years concentrating on all facets of non-surgical looks as well as cosmetic surgery. She is looked for her methods that concentrate on a natural-looking technique to face balancing, restoration, and also elegance optimization. Follow her on Instagram @j_derme

Proposition 22: Uber, Lyft drivers sue to overturn ballot measure

By BRIAN MELLEY|The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES — Chauffeurs for app-based ride-hailing and also shipment services submitted a suit Tuesday to rescind a The golden state ballot initiative that makes them independent professionals as opposed to staff members qualified for advantages and task securities.

The claim submitted with the California High court stated Proposition 22 is unconstitutional because it limits the power of the Legislature to give workers the right to organize and also omits vehicle drivers from being eligible for employees’ compensation.

The step, which was passed in November with 58% support, was one of the most pricey in state history with Uber, Lyft and other solutions pouring $200 million on behalf of it. Organized labor, that signed up with vehicle drivers in the suit, invested about $20 million to challenge it.

“Prop. 22 doesn’t just fail our state rideshare drivers, it falls short the standard examination of following our state constitution,” claimed Bob Schoonover of the SEIU union. “The law as composed by Uber and Lyft rejects drivers legal rights under the legislation in The golden state and makes it nearly difficult for legislators to fix these issues.”

When the tally action passed, fans claimed voters had revealed they wanted to maintain the system that permitted drivers adaptability to establish their own hours. Opponents said the companies had bought their very own regulation and vowed to keep fighting.

The suit is the most recent round in the high-stakes fight in between labor and the titans of the gig economy, all based in San Francisco.

Recommendation 22 was composed by Uber and Lyft as well as supported by DoorDash, Postmates and also Instacart to test spots labor legislation AB5 gone by Democrats in 2019. It expanded a California High court ruling that restricted businesses from identifying certain employees as independent specialists.

The procedure gave the delivery solutions an exception from the regulation that would certainly have called for giving drivers with defenses like minimal wage, overtime, medical insurance and reimbursement for costs.

Under the procedure, chauffeurs stay independent specialists exempt from mandates such as sick leave and expense reimbursement yet would certainly receive some “alternate advantages,” including a guaranteed minimum wage and also subsidies for health and wellness insurance policy if they balance 25 hours of job a week.

Messages looking for comment from Uber and Lyft were not immediately returned.